Rubber duckies made by you

By January 19, 2019Quilts

Last September I released my Rubber Ducky pattern #zsrubberducky. It’s been rather popular and was downloaded quite a few times.

I used to sell my patterns on Craftsy till the end of December. Then my shop, and the shops of a huge amount of other pattern designers were closed at very short notice.  I don’t want to go into details about Craftsy, you can always Google it to find out what happened there. Thus after some consideration I moved my patterns to Payhip for the time being. You can find my new shop here.

I might create my personal shop on this blog/website, but I will need some more time for it. Anyway you can also go to my Payhip from my top menu or from my sidebar on here.

Coming back to Rubber Duckies 🙂

A few people not only bought the pattern but also sewed it! So nice to see what other makers came up with, something that I maybe wouldn’t think to use or think of myself, but it works so well! It makes me very happy and it’s rather amazing to see different fabric choices and fabric arrangements in other talented folks’ creations.

Look at these Rubber Duckies  whose makers tagged me in Instagram below, so I could find them. Everyone is tagged of course.







Mohawk is an amazing addition to the pattern!


Super creative use of trapunto technique that gives 3D effect and here is a beeping (quacking) sound too 😀


And the last (I hope not the least) finished mini quilt is by me. I never put a photo of my four ducks all together on this blog. So here they are:

I look forward to seeing many more ducks on Instagram as they make my heart sing. I am hoping to release a couple more patterns very soon.

So stay tuned.


Irina xxx


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