Slalom Quilt made after the workshop with Jenny Haynes @pappersaxten

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This is my Finish #3 from my Q1 FAL list.

Back in November 2016 I took a class at  The Village Haberdashery with lovely Jenny Haynes aka @pappersaxten and learned how to make a cool curvy Slalom Quilt.

I chose and bought all my fabrics right at The Village Haberdashery because they have a huge choice of it!

I started creating the top with Jenny that November Friday evening and finished the top the next day at home. Nice and easy but how effective!

I ran out of fat quarter with pandas in the process and had to improvise and match the seams on the fabric – very pleased with it 🙂
This purple line is binding that needed to be appliqued. My stitching lines came up too wonky and I was dreaming to resew it right till March 2017 when I finally did it (read below)
This is my finished top which was waiting its turn to become a quilt till March 2017

This March I resew/reappliqued bias binding curvy lines using one of the stitches that I like to use for applique and it was much easier than normal stitch along the curves and I like how it looks in the end!

Before and after:


Quilting in progress

Finished quilt came up with few bulks and pucks but thanks to my hubs and the comments of the loveliest Instagram quilting community I’m in love with these bulks and of course with the Slalom Quilt! <3

I am planning to put it on a wall above my sewing machine very very soon.

Irina x


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  • Sewmesarah says:

    This is such striking quilt! Your choice of stitching on the bias binding made a huge difference to the look and the lay of the binding. You should be so proud of this funky quilt! On behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts, thank you for participating in this quarter’s FAL.

  • Marci Girl says:

    It is beautiful and that panda fabric just makes it! Love it!

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