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Animal Quilt | Zephyr Skies
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Animal Quilt

By October 28, 2018Quilts

I have tested a few FFP animal blocks from Unicornharts in the last couple of years. After testing I mostly put them in a pile without thinking what to do with them. I made tote bags with couple of them, made a few mini quilts and that was it. So I had this idea to put the remaining blocks into a baby or lap size quilt. Even though each block has different background, different fabrics and colours I believed I could make it look rather funky and interesting.

I chose fabric from Alison Glass – Remix Ex Libris Geometry Sunset as a background for the quilt. It turned out super cheerful and very colourful.
I collected a few animal print fabrics in three years of quilting too. I thought it would be cool to sew all these prints together in the backing of the quilt so I have a double-sided quilt in the end. So I did it!
I also added some orphaned FPP blocks designed by me – 2 Heart Face blocks, 3 Birdie blocks. Also there is another block from Unicorn Harts called One Chance Arrow, and Electric Diamond block from Sariellastudios. I’m very pleased with how the backing came together – quick, fun and easy!
At first I wanted to free motion quilt it. I started quilting it late in the evening and my free motion meandering didn’t look up to my standards. I did some easy free motion before but this time I felt like I completely failed with it. Luckily I didn’t quilt very big part of the quilt before I realise I did’t like it, so I easily unpicked it.
After taking some time and staring at the quilt I decided to revise a book from Jacquie Gering WALK. Chevron quilting took my fancy! So I did it when it wasn’t late in the evening and I was neither tired nor sleepy.
I think chevron quilting with the walking foot suits this quilt much better than free motion meandering.
I binded it also with Union Jack Happy fabric from Alison Glass’ Road Trip collection.
And seriously how good it looks! Not being modest – I can’t get enough of this quilt!
Thanks for scrolling to the end 🙂
Irina xx

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