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Fortune Teller FPP blocks – new pattern | Zephyr Skies
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Fortune Teller FPP blocks – new pattern

By September 22, 2019Uncategorized

Woop! My new FPP pattern Fortune Teller is out in the wild and can be purchased through my Payhip.

I have partnered with the Electric Quilt Company  for 3 months and I’ve been posting on my Instagram account about Electric Quilt and my designs since. It’s been a great journey. I have already run an Electric Quilt software giveaway, shared quite a few images of my designs, a couple of videos recorded from the software and much more.

Use Promo code EQ8IRINA for 20% off of the entire ElectricQuilt.com (EQ8, EQ8 upgrades, books, add-ons, etc.).

My partnership with EQ also motivated me to finally learn the software better and start practising with the book I have had for some time Drawing Blocks. Exercises in EQ8 Block Design by Kari Shell.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I have completed all the exercises from Chapter 1: Drawing Pieced Blocks in Easy Draw. This familiarised me with lots of new tricks that I didn’t know how to use before and I learnt lots of shortcuts that save so much time while designing in the software.

I always wanted to design an FPP star. I thought it was a good time for it thus I drew a block that I wanted to call Stripy Star at first.

Then I coloured it in my favourite colours using colour palette in EQ8.

I like playing with fabric tool ‘Randomize’. The software offers me different ways of colouring my quilt with each click of the mouse. Once I chose the one I like, I can map this colour scheme to the similar fabrics I have in my software Sketchbook. So in the end I can get many colour designs and coloured with actual real existing fabrics.

Have a look at the fabric combinations offered by EQ8 that I liked:

This is a great way to get ideas which fabrics and colourways you’d like to use when you want to sew a block or a quilt.

I used fabrics from my stash and sewed my very own version of the block.

I asked Instagram folks for a name suggestion as I wasn’t sure about the Stripy Star name. Lauren @englishquilter suggested Fortune Teller as it reminded her of origami paper fortune tellers that kids make. I loved the name and here it is!

Even though I had lots of fun sewing the block, it took me some time. I was also thinking of the FPP beginners that they will need some patience to finish the block. So I decided to remove a few lines from the pattern and to create a simplified version of the block. And it looks totally different but still very striking in my humble opinion 🙂

This is my fabric version.

The pattern includes two 10″ block versions, original and simplified.

I also played a bit with block placement in EQ8.
Here are just 4 examples but there are so many more possibilities.

Thanks for reading till the end.

Irina x


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