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16 favourite makes from 2016 | Zephyr Skies
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16 favourite makes from 2016

By January 7, 2017Quilts

This is my 1st ever blog post! I feel excited to start writing it even though not many people are going to read it or barely any… at least for now.
Anyway 2017 is here and to start my quilting/sewing/crafty blog is one of my resolutions so I am going to try to keep up with it 🙂

It is only 7th January and I believe there is still time to reflect on some projects accomplished in 2016.
Last year was a big one for me in term of Quilting. I made my first ever mini and wonky quilt in December 2015 and in 2016 I was learning and improving my skills, trying and learning new techniques. I can confidently say that I considerably progressed in 1 year time and wouldn’t call myself a beginner quilter anymore.

So here are my 16 favourite finished mini makes in 2016 (not including any WIPs waiting for their turn):

1. This is my first mini quilt that I’m truly proud of, because it was the first time when I squared up HSTs correctly and all points match pretty well.
End of January ’16
Indian Fabrics pink mini quilt

2. St. Valentines quilt for my hubs and I. D is for Dan, I is for Irina. These two hearts warm up towards each other.
Circa 14th February ’16
St Valentines quilt

3. My first ever Kaffe Fassett mini made of one charm pack. It takes its proud space on our living room’s wall.
Early March’16
Kaffe Fassett multi colour quilt

4. My second Kaffe Fassett mini made of Autumn colour 6″x6″ square pack purchased on ebay. It took me some time to decide on layout and whether to use sashing or not. It is hanging on the other living room’s wall and one of my favourites ever.

5. The Beatles quilt designed by me using Bow Tie quilt block and 2 different fabrics with the Fab Four on them. Made specially as a surprise gift for my dad’s 70! He was extremely pleased with it – huge Beatles fan 🙂
The Beatles quilt

6. This little mini FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing) quilt was made for my mum as a souvenir from me. Pattern by Julia Eigenbrodt – Stars and Sunshine
Fox mini mini

7. Mini from Black & White quilt swap run by wonderful Sharon @shoppershaz_swaphost on Instagram. It was my first time when I foundation paper pieced the whole mini quilt’s top. I learned FPP couple of months before that through the Splendid Sampler QAL. I will write the whole post about this QAL in about a month time after it comes to its last 100th block.
B&W quilt

8. Zipper pouch as an extra for the same Black & White quilt swap. Birds pattern by Lorna McMahon – Sew Fresh Quilts
June ’16
Birds zipper pouch

9. Mini and zipper pouch from Star Block quilt swap run also by Sharon @shoppershaz_swaphost on Instafram. I think it’s when I properly fell in love with FPP. Both patterns are by Carol Doak.
Star quilt and pouch

10. Geometric bunny mini quilt from another swap run again by Sharon @shoppershaz_swaphost on Instagram. I didn’t want to participate in any more swaps till the end of the year, but because I was already in love with FPP and never tried Quiet Play patterns, I just had to join! I fostered my FPP skills and experimented more with walking foot quilting (thanks to Jacquie Gering’s video class on Craftsy Next Steps With Your Walking Foot).

11. Pattern matched zipper pouch. I don’t know how I did it without using any tutorial but I somehow matched patterns of 2 fabrics very successfully.
November ’16
Pattern matched zipper pouch

12. Quarter sun mug rug made for Secret Santa swap at London Modern Quilting Guild’s Christmas party. Pattern by RightPatterns on Craftsy.
November ’16
Quarter sun mug rug

13. Crazy Cat long zipper pouch – present for my mother in law’s birthday. Crazy Cat FPP pattern by MadCreekDesigns on Craftsy.
December ’16
Crazy Cat long zipper pouch

14. Butterfly zipper pouch. Christmas gift for my younger sister in law. Butterfly FPP pattern by Lillyella Stitchery
December ’16
Butterfly zipper pouch

15. Goosing zipper pouch. Christmas gift for my mother in law. Goosing borders FPP pattern by Jeli Quilts
December ’16
Goosing zipper pouch

16. Purple star bunny zipper pouch. Christmas gift for my older sister in law. Bunny FPP pattern by Tartan Kiwi
December ’16
Purple star bunny zipper pouch

Congratulations if you came that far in this post and thanks so much for reading through!
Let me know what you think and if you want to know anything else about any of the makes listed above or about my quilty journey.
Any blog writing suggestions are very welcome and much appreciated too of course.

I already drafted around 20 topics titles for the future posts, just need to find the time and keep motivation going.

And I promise to have better pictures next time!

Love, light , peace and quilts.



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