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My two new FPP patterns – Cat Silhouette and Birdie | Zephyr Skies
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My two new FPP patterns – Cat Silhouette and Birdie

By April 17, 2018Quilts

Right before Valentine’s Day I made my first FPP pattern ever Heart Face using Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8).

Apparently it is very addictive, so I created two more already. My Cat Silhouette pattern was released about a month ago and just now I put Birdie pattern on my Craftsy.

I made Cat Silhouette because I wanted to have a very simple pattern that would be suitable for FPP beginners. My idea was to have it for a Foundation Paper Piecing workshop where I was supposed to teach people this fab technique. This workshop didn’t happen unfortunately, but preparation for the class gave me a great opportunity to hurry up and make a fun and easy pattern. It was very difficult to pick the right size, so in the end I made it in five sizes – 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″ and I gave each size two tail options – tail on the left and on the right.






These cats above were my test cats and I had no plans for them at the time. However I was planning to make Cats Matryoshkas (Russian Doll) or Catryoshkas wall hanging using the same blue background and different colours of cats lined from small to big.

I started making them out of super cool fabric collection Geogram by Samarra Khaja.

After I sewed them together in a wall hanging, it looked very long and not high enough, so I added some geometric ground to it.

While sewing my geometric Cat Silhouettes, I realised that they needed company! And that’s how my Birdie pattern came to life. I thought that my five cats needed five birds to match them, so the cats have something to watch, or to catch 🙂

Here is the Birdie pattern that has been just released.

These are my Geogram Birdies all together:

And this is my completed top (I might applique some Geogram clouds later too…).

I also combined my test cats together for another long wall hanging at some point soon, and it’s my hubs modelling it.

Now to find time to sew backings, to baste, to quilt and to bind both of these things!

Feel free to buy both patterns if you like them, they are not expensive at all and you’ll get 5 different sizes and right & left orientation with each pattern 😀

I am taking  a short break from FPP pattern creation as I need to crack on with some fun collaborative fashion project. More on it at some point soon.

Thanks for reading!

Peace, love & light.

Irina x


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